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Allen R. Klein Company, Inc. services a wide variety of national and international markets with spot opportunity buys.

Rely on us for efficient dissolution & distribution of your excess/obsolete inventory while achieving a fair and equitable return for your closeout products.


Join our list of satisfied clientele and gain access to marketplaces that are ready to purchase your package changes, formula changes, overruns, discontinued, short-dated and outdated SKUs. Allen R. Klein's proven track record as a provider of inventory liquidation services to many well known companies since 1973 speaks for itself. Let us do the same for you! 

Nationwide and Worldwide

Who We Are

At Allen R. Klein Company, Inc., we offer over 40 years of surplus inventory liquidation experience and provide a wide variety of closeout services for all types of industries. We handle shelf stable and frozen foods and all categories of non-food items, both retail and food services sizes. We also handle ingredients of all types for both human consumption as well as animal grade for pet food use. Let Allen R. Klein help you achieve an equitable return for your overstocks and much more!

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