Business to Business Wholesalers of Closeout Merchandise

Allen R. Klein Company, Inc.

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Remarketing Specialists of Surplus-Closeout-Liquidation Merchandise

Efficient Closeout & Surplus Inventory Liquidation

Let Allen R. Klein Company direct your product stockpiles to appropriate national and international markets utilizing our extensive and diverse customer base...customers who want the closeout products you have to offer!

Expanding Your Markets

Allen R. Klein finds appropriate homes for your package and formulation changes, test market products, discontinued stock-keeping units (SKUs), overruns, short-dated and outdated products, and ingredients. We do this without negative ramifications or interfering with your normal sales.

Large Modern Warehouse

Diverse Clients

Allen R. Klein Company, Inc. serves more than 4,000 retail stores, both directly and through reliable secondary market distribution channels. End-users include salvage and closeout retailers, dollar stores, hardware stores, thrift stores, factory outlet stores, charitable organizations, schools, prisons, and institutions, as well as grocery, drug mass, deep discount retail chains, and distributors who service smaller retailers of the aforementioned types.

Restrictions Honored

We honor any and all restrictions placed on the sale of your closeout products, including geographic restrictions, restrictions by a specific customer, or by a class of trade. Our customers will not advertise your brands if you do not wish for them to do so.

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